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Angel Ortiz
Graphics Programmer @ Rockstar Games
"Okay for completely new beginners. Found this very thin content-wise, but I'm very much not the target audience for this course, so I gave this three stars because I imagine it has some value if you've never seen this operation before. However I think that no discussion of bitshift operations makes any sense unless you talk about flags. Bitmasks / Flags are still in use widely and are probably the most common use of bitshifting that a programmer will see these days, so their omission feels pretty jarring."
21 Aug 2023
Filipe Araujo
Senior Technical Artist
"Excellent content! First course I've watched here on Pikuma, Gustavo explains things visually and in a very methodical way."
25 Jan 2023
"Great Course! Great explanation of what can be a tricky thing to get used to."
25 Sep 2022
Hyung Jin Kim
"PIKUMA is the best!"
31 Aug 2022
Jeffrey Shaffer
Associate Professor at Shizuoka University
"Very Clear and Easy to Understand. Thanks, Gustavo! Your explanations and examples are always clear and easy to understand. I heartily recommend any (or ALL) of Gustavo's courses!"
31 Aug 2022
Josue Boisvert
"Demystifies binaries and bit shifting operations. I've been coding for years but each time I needed to use bit shifting I had to find some reference online or just go through trials and errors until I got the desired results. Thanks to this short course, however I'm way more confident that I can do binary calculations and bit shifting operations in my head and as a bonus I see more clearly how it can benefit me in some use cases that I didn't consider before!"
29 Aug 2022
Yuvesh Sooknah
Yuvesh Sooknah
Software Engineer
"I wish I discovered these courses 20 years back !!! Clarity is the thing with Gustavo's teaching methods. It is the most worthy hour spent (only once in life) on understanding Bitshifting operation and to be remembered throughout a lifetime.. without the need to refresh on the topic again in the future.. Highly recommended courses!!"
19 Jul 2022
Nathan Scott
"Recommended. Very helpful especially with the code examples! Thanks!"
22 May 2022
Jean-Jacques Strydom
Jean-Jacques Strydom
"Great course. Now I finally understand how bitshifting works!"
03 May 2022
Victor Brusca
"I found this course to be clear, concise, and informative."
11 Apr 2022
Mattia Di Meglio
"Very well done! Wanted to check out the teacher style, so I enrolled. I was familiar with the argument, but was still pleasantly surprised by the course: Absolutely well done and beautifullly explained!"
08 Apr 2022
Daniel Naranjo
Daniel Naranjo
"Great explanation of bit shifting. I came across this wonderful site by accident, the content is clear, well structured and with precise examples."
26 Mar 2022
Alan David Rojas
"Good foundations. This course gives a good math foundation and examples to understand bit shifting in modern high-level programming languages. The instructor takes the time to explain the main subject with examples which enhances the learning experience."
21 Mar 2022
Benjamin Singh
"Excellent! I only expected to learn how bit shifting works but in addition to that I learned about compilers, programming languages, assembly code, processors, video game history and some nice math tricks. This guy is simply on another level!"
17 Mar 2022
Nitin Deshpande
"Precise explanation!"
06 Mar 2022
Benjamin Komar
"Clean and fast explanation."
02 Mar 2022
Nicholas Helish
"Extremely detailed and informative. This is a fantastic course explaining bitshift operations and definitely cleared up my misunderstanding of them thank you!"
26 Jan 2021
Anton Yarkov
"Very clear and nice for beginners"
15 Jan 2021
Nahua Kang
"Short and Sweet Intro to Bitshifting. The 1-hour lesson is very easy to follow and to the point. It's a great introduction to thinking about bitshift and bitwise operators without the unnecessary fear!"
12 Jan 2021
Guilherme Silva
"The explanation was very nice. Congratulations"
04 Jan 2021
Rho van Passel
"A quicky. A nice refresher, or introduction into bitshifting. They supply some examples where it is (was) used, and they conclude with an honest opinion about when to use it."
08 Dec 2020
Dustin Clark
Controls Engineering Technologist
"I really enjoy learning these topics. I have already taken other courses by Gustavo ... and really enjoy his teaching style. I am looking forward to the next one."
06 Dec 2020
Kirk Novitsky
"simple, quick, to the point. was the quick refresh i needed."
18 Nov 2020
Dzhalil Akbashev
"Good course to review the knowledge. Just when I realised I need to check my bit shift knowledge found this course. Nothing new actually in the end, but I like they way how simple this course is. So good both for beginners and who wants to review his knowledge."
14 Nov 2020
Vsevolod Karateev
"Very good. Nice explanation"
08 Nov 2020
Codes Otaku
"The best instructor I've ever seen."
07 Nov 2020
Jorbenadze Nika
"Very Nice"
24 Oct 2020
Fiz Savariz
"Basic, short and well explained."
01 Oct 2020
Gulnoza Khodizoda
"Really clear explanation. I really liked this short course on Bitshift Operations, and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to understand this topic. Thanks!"
19 Sep 2020
Joyce Macksuele
École 42 France
"Now I got it. Finally understood bit shift :)

Thank you!"
10 Aug 2020
Flavio Carrara
Flavio Carrara
"Cannot escape from getting shifted! Awesome crash talk about bitshift! Gotta keep them shifting! Left, right, up, down; shift your bits all over the town!"
29 Jul 2020
Kh Al
"Great course.

Finally took the time to understand bitshift operations (clear and concise), and the explanation uusing base10 at the beginning is a huge help"
01 Jul 2020
Abderrazzaq Khastaf
"Funny: Good and funny explanation, I learned what is mean bitshifting and the important thing there is no need to use it in this time :-)."
24 May 2020
Stephen Paton
"Interesting introduction to old-school programming. This was a very useful introduction to old school style programming and an informative breakdown of what exactly Bitshifting is and when and where it is appropriate to use it. Highly recommended!"
13 May 2020
Ian Jabour
"A Quick, Enlightening Lesson. This was a fantastic resource for learning about bitshift operations. Definitely worth the time!"
28 Apr 2020
Miguel Gomez
"Liked it. Very brief but solid and clear explanation of the math behind the bit shift operations."
24 Mar 2020
Anton Semenchuk
Simple and good to know"
07 Jan 2020
Ajay Khanna
"Excellent. It says a lot about GP's teaching style that although I knew all this stuff already I *still* enjoyed this course, kind of like hanging out with a cool nerd friend and talking about how elegant bit operations are. Would love to see a follow-up course that goes into more detail, maybe "Hacker's Delight" style bit hacks"
28 Dec 2019
Hamza Ezzahiry
"I like it. Thanks for the course, i really like it"
22 Dec 2019
Otman Hamid
"Very useful course , thanks a lot !!"
20 Dec 2019
Roger McNally
"Fantastic course, illustrates the concept clearly and concisely. Would recommend."
07 Oct 2019
Kory Rice
"Awesome! Thank you! This course was fantastic! The only feedback I could give is maybe mention that 2^0 = 1. Someone that doesn't know math that well might get confused on why if the right most bit = 1 the value would be 1 and not 0, which would throw off their total number when adding up each bit value. One of those things that many would just know automatically, but if someone without that knowledge was trying to follow along it could confuse them. Thank you again for this course, loved it!"
02 Sep 2019
Calvados Cindy
"Really interesting! Really good course about bit shift operations. I've appreciate to learn in deep this topic. I am not a native English speaker, I am French and I liked the way the teacher explained things. Succinct and clear."
27 Aug 2019
Christos Merinopoulos
"Clear and amazing. Very good keep posting courses like this."
06 Jul 2019