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Matěj Smetana
Matěj Smetana
"Way better than every YT videos! It was so good I immediately bought the full C++ Game Engine course, I can totaly recommend it."
Creating a Game Loop with C
18 May 2022
Vladislav Osetrov
"Nice course. Concise and consistent."
Creating a Game Loop with C
04 May 2022
Attila Malarik
Technical Designer at sentiomedia
"Just what I needed!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
28 Apr 2022
Victor Brusca
"I loved this course! I found it to be very professional and informative."
Creating a Game Loop with C
13 Apr 2022
Bruno Marcelo Gaio
"Not for beginners. On 'Compiling Our Code With GCC' starts to speak in Greek."
Creating a Game Loop with C
13 Apr 2022
Henrik Gieselmann
"Outstanding course! Gustavo Pezzi does a great job explaining every aspect of creating a simple Game and goes into detail about the implementation. He adds additional sources where appropriate. I was able to follow along nicely in Linux/WSL, even though I am not really used to it. Which made it even more interesting for me."
Creating a Game Loop with C
06 Apr 2022
Okta Hat
"Great intro to SDL. Quick but thorough introduction to writing a game loop using SDL. Covers installation and project setup using SDL for most major OSes ( Windows, Linux, Mac). The videos are crisp and to the point. What can be done better: - Have a place to show formatted code as text. Currently, we need to follow along by looking at the video and typing and frankly, the font used in the videos is not the best. Also, if we need to check a particular line, we need to go back to that section of the video."
Creating a Game Loop with C
02 Apr 2022
Benjamin Singh
"Short & good! A short and good introduction into the concepts and inner workings of Game Loops. Looking forward to the more advanced courses of Gustavo!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
24 Mar 2022
Richard Hewett
"Excellent content and presentation! I'm taking the Lua Scripting course and taking this short course on Pikuma. Gustavo is an excellent instructor and I'm glad I found Pikuma on that site. I look forward to completing the Linux Terminal course and taking a graphics programming course."
Creating a Game Loop with C
06 Mar 2022
Kris Inniss
Kris Inniss
"Short, sweet and to the point.

This course covered concepts very well and in short spurts which is perfect for me. The instructions are clear and concise. Looking forward to more videos."
Creating a Game Loop with C
05 Mar 2022
Guilherme André Welter
Guilherme André Welter
Creating a Game Loop with C
19 Feb 2022
Özgür Karter
"I've been an online student of mr.Pezzi since I got his 'C++ 2D Game Engine Development' and 'Raycasting Engine Programming with C'. Just wanted to check his 'Create a Simple Game Loop with C & SDL' tutorial and I was not disappointed.

Very clear on the subject and as usual he starts to tell the subject from scratch."
Creating a Game Loop with C
12 Jul 2021
Ian Jones
"A nice, quick taster of the world of games programming. In this course you'll learn all that's needed to create a basic game loop in the C programming language using the SDL2 library. It concludes with an exercise to develop your own skeleton Breakout game. Don't worry there's no vectors, matrices, transforms and other hard maths to get in your way. Learning with Gustavo is far more engaging than reading a book."
Creating a Game Loop with C
09 Feb 2021
Jason Piloti
"It's the best course than I see"
Creating a Game Loop with C
03 Feb 2021
Peter Bessman
"Great intro! A nice overview of the heart beat of any game: the main loop."
Creating a Game Loop with C
31 Jan 2021
Nicholas Helish
"Fantastic Course! Everything was explained clearly and concisely."
Creating a Game Loop with C
26 Jan 2021
Sebastian Cruz Jara
"Awesome! Interesting things and well explained!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
24 Jan 2021
David Cordero Chavarría
"A very good introduction to a fundamental concept in videogames.

This was the first time I've programmed a game "from scratch"
, I think the choice of C is interesting, I like the amount of control it gives you, and also how it forces you to think about how to make it run as fast as possible so you don't notice "lag" in the game, even with only 2 moving objects in 2D, you CAN make it slow"
Creating a Game Loop with C
07 Jan 2021
Joao Silva
"Interesting and helpful.

This was a short but very helpful and interesting course on how a typical game works.

For me, it also served as a gentle introduction to C and SDL and the challenges were welcome as I'm exploring more about the game development topic."
Creating a Game Loop with C
11 Dec 2020
Rho van Passel
"Extensive. If you're starting out with diving into game development, this course actually has a few topics that are very interesting.

SDL: First of all, they give you a good explanation of instaling SDL (for the 3 main OS'es)
Game loop: They give you a tour of actually building the game loop from the ground up; All steps are clear and very small. You see it happening before your eyes.
Makefile: if you were wondering about what a Makefile would be; He actually explains that too.
Nice example: You end up with a basic skeleton of simple game;
Break-out. Extra: He gives some extra information (-with- examples) how you can tweak it a bit.
Quizes: There are a few quizzes, just to see if you got what he was talking about.
The end-project: You get a almost final code at the end, where he asks you to complete it;

He provides the commentary in the source code to give you some pointers as to where yp need to look. He also supplies (his version of) the working code. (But do try to do it yourself).

All the movies are reasonably short, and the whole Pikuma Platform remembers where you were when you come back. It is super helpful. This specific course is (was) free, but its quality is very high."
Creating a Game Loop with C
08 Dec 2020
Stephen Tyers
"Excellent Course. I'm currently learning to code and I'm learning C. I stumbled upon this course after I was looking for some real-world projects to try in C post my initial syntax studyReally enjoyed it and a real eye-opener on how games work under the hood. I will definitely try the raycasting course."
Creating a Game Loop with C
12 Nov 2020
Leonardo Lee
"Great overview of the game loop.

I really enjoyed my time on this course, I've used youtube tutorials in the past, but they try to cut corners or make assumptions like using platform specific tools that not only throw a wrench in the tutorial, but detract from learning the concept. Another pitfall is that the content is curried towards non-programmers. By using a SDL and C it really removes a lot of the friction that other tutorials have had and focuses on the structure and logic of the program. I really appreciate the approach taken here!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
10 Nov 2020
Codes Otaku
"Really great explanation"
Creating a Game Loop with C
08 Nov 2020
Alex V
"Thank you. Couldn't find any solution to make smooth game loop anywhere. Thank you a lot"
Creating a Game Loop with C
04 Nov 2020
Houssame Riad
"very goood"
Creating a Game Loop with C
28 Oct 2020
Bruce Sutherland
Bruce Sutherland
Senior Engineer
"Wish I had instructors like Gustavo Pezzi when I was in University!

This is the second course I've taken from Gustavo Pezzi (the first one being Fundamentals of 2D Game Engines) and have enjoyed both immensely. I wrote my first computer game in 1985, and am now just starting work on my second one (despite having been a professional software developer for most of my adult life).

Gustavo's courses are immensely educational, entertaining, and fun, and have rekindled my obsession with writing computer games. Thank you so much, Professor Pezzi!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
22 Oct 2020
"Great Quick and Dirty Intro do C+SDL for Making Games. I, for one, really enjoy these bare bones exercises in building stuff. And game development can be this, nothing but a bunch of ideas, a compiler and a couple libraries."
Creating a Game Loop with C
01 Oct 2020
"These are best game fundamentals courses around! As usual, top notch educational material that is delivered by a master educator and easy to grasp!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
04 Sep 2020
Diarmaid Harkin
"Thanks, Gus! Really enjoyable course. Helped me get to grips with basic game development."
Creating a Game Loop with C
22 Aug 2020
Jesse Brewer
"Clear and concise! This course is a clear and concise explanation of a basic game loop in the C programming language. I am a beginner to C, coming from a JavaScript background, and this was my first experience with making a game with C. I found the explanations to be thorough and clear, and I appreciate that we started with some basic implementation using a while loop and then improved our code using a different method. I was able to take the final code and add basic left/right collision detection to the paddle using what I learned from this course. Overall, I think this is an excellent starting point for new C programmers."
Creating a Game Loop with C
24 May 2020
William Oliveira
"Great intro to Game Loop and Game Dev in general. It was a great experience seeing how things work more 'under the hood' and have a more in-depth explanation to why we have things like delta time and how the internals of a game loop works. Gustavo did a great job on explaining the concepts and keeping me interested during the course."
Creating a Game Loop with C
20 May 2020
Diego Casanova
"Very good tutorial"
Creating a Game Loop with C
20 Apr 2020
Miguel Gomez
"Awesome introduction to Game Loops: Awesome explanation of what the core of a game loop is. Everything one must know before diving into more complex game loops features/techniques."
Creating a Game Loop with C
24 Mar 2020
John Whipp
John Whipp
"Fundamentally Awesome! These are the fundamentals that so many other courses all leave out and take for granted. Seriously thanks so much for this!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
09 Feb 2020
Christian Clark
"Nice Intro to SDL: This was a nice introduction to setting up an SDL project and it covered the basics of making a game loop in a way that was easy to understand."
Creating a Game Loop with C
31 Jan 2020
Michaela Adams
"Really thorough explanations. I really appreciated the time you took to show how to get SDL working on a windows machine and fully compiling. I also have been looking for resources that make use of Makefiles and header files etc and I find a lot of tutorials don't bother unless its a huge project. So I really appreciated you using those things right from the beginning.

Creating a Game Loop with C
25 Jan 2020
Ippei Kuroki
"Awesome course! This course is really awesome! I took the Atari 2600 course .... I am very looking forward to it."
Creating a Game Loop with C
28 Dec 2019
Rumbin Lee
"I also live for these tutorials! I think that it’s fun watching him code. Everything is taught descriptively with such simplicity which ironically, blows my mind!"
Creating a Game Loop with C
18 Dec 2019
Antonio Herrera Martin
"Simple and fun It is a easy guide which gets you hook and involve from the very beginning. It is also very accessible and takes you through all the process necessary to complete a simple game loop, and it also gives the idea of how to continue the interest for development."
Creating a Game Loop with C
07 Dec 2019