What is Pikuma?

We are an education platform focused on the fundamental concepts of computer science, programming, and mathematics.

Why the rubber duck?

"Rubber duck debugging" is a popular method of debugging code. The programmer explains the code bug to the duck, line-by-line, and in the process of breaking down the problem it eventually figures out how to solve it. We strongly believe in the power of understanding and being able to explain line-by-line what we are doing. It is the heart of our teaching methodology and delivery format.

Where are you located?

London, United Kingdom.

Why are your courses so cheap for so much content?

We believe in making education affordable and accessible. We rely on your good words to cover our costs. So if you really enjoyed our course and only if you believe this is good value, all we ask is that you spread the word around and show us some love. We will really appreciate it. You are the patron of this platform!

How are your courses different to all the others?

We are better, more thorough, accessible, affordable, and our courses are delivered by university professors with scars from industry experience. If you are still not convinced by the testimonials, check us out yourself.

I am having trouble enrolling on a course, what should I do?

Just send us a quick email and we will sort out the glitch immediately. Oh, and we would also appreciate the heads up.

Is there a fee for subscription?


Would you keep harassing me with emails if I subscribe?

Absolutely not. We will never bombard you with newsletters and "offers." And remember that you have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

What if I don't like the course?

You get your money back. We offer a 14-day no quibble money back guarantee. Just send us a message along with your full name and order number and we will process your refund immediately.

What if I don't understand parts of the course?

Every student has access to the discussion board. No question is too small. This is what we do!

Would I have the course available to me for life?

Yes. Once you enroll, the content will be available to you for life. You can even pass on the knowledge to your grandchildren.

What happens when I purchase the course?

You will receive an email confirmation of your order and you will then be able to start your course instantly.

Can I download the courses?

There are downloadable resources, such as source code, articles, and exercises. But the lectures are only accessible through our platform, which is available 24-7 via desktop or mobile.