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PS1 Programming with MIPS Assembly & C

25 hours
  • Learn how to develop games for the original PlayStation using MIPS Assembly and C.
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nes nintendo programming

NES Programming with 6502 Assembly

22 hours
  • Learn 6502 Assembly programming games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
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atari 2600 programming

Atari VCS Programming with 6502 Assembly

18 hours
  • Learn 6502 Assembly programming and create games for the Atari 2600 console.
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3D Computer Graphics Programming

37 hours
  • Learn to create a 3D software renderer from scratch using the C language.
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Game Physics Engine Programming

35 hours
  • Learn how to create a 2D rigid-body physics engine from scratch with C++.
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C++ 2D Game Engine Development

30 hours
  • Learn to code a simple 2D game engine with modern C++, SDL, ECS, and Lua.
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raycasting texture c

Raycasting Engine Programming with C

18 hours
  • Write a raycasting engine with textures and sprites using the C programming language.
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Learn the Lua Scripting Language

13 hours
  • Master the Lua programming language and learn to embed Lua with C & C++.
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linux terminal bash scripting

Master the Linux Terminal & Bash Shell

8 hours
  • A complete introduction to the UNIX command-line and Bash shell scripting.
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What students are saying

Jakub Komorowski student review
Senior Android Developer @ Opera
"If my university courses in CS were half as good as this course then the world would be a much better place.

Hearty recommend!"
15 April 2023
"It FAR exceeded my expectations.

This course upgraded my game coding skillset from the 90s-era "No framework for you, tiny Shareware dev" to the modern ECS style. I'm definitely a happy customer."
6 March 2022
Steven Litt student review
Professor at NYU
"This class is a great primer on the basic practical concepts you need to understand in order to make a game in 6502 assembly...

I'm happy to say this class was one of the coolest things I've done in a while
5 May 2020
Dylan Bennett student review
Tech officer at Portland Indie Game Squad
"Absolutely phenomenal course! This was one of the best online courses I've done in a *long* time. You finish the course with a sense of skill, empowerment, and inspiration... It's the mark of truly good educational materials."
25 January 2021
Sam Pollard student review
Sam Pollard
"Superb course! Nothing is left out. Everything is explained in crystal clear detail, and there's a perfect combination of theory and coding, all served up with a huge dose of Gustavo's obvious passion for the subject. You will learn a lot and have fun doing it. Gustavo really knows how to teach. Highly recommended."
15 November 2020
Bruce Sutherland student review
Bruce Sutherland
Software Engineer
"Would give 6 stars if I could!
This is the second course I've taken from Gustavo and have enjoyed both immensely. Gustavo's courses are immensely educational, entertaining, and fun, and have rekindled my obsession with writing computer games. Thank you so much, Professor Pezzi!"
22 October 2020
Javid Gajievi student review
Javid Gajievi
"The best course I've ever taken!
While learning game programming, I also gained deep insight into C++ and Game Development. I am very much excited to see more from Gustavo!"
22 October 2020
Steve Merritt student review
Steve Merritt
Senior Game Developer
"Simply the best online lecture series on 3D Graphics Programming. If I could recommend one course to take whether you're an aspiring graphics/game developer or an industry veteran like myself, this would be my top pick."
8 May 2020
Luis Gonzalez student review
Doctoral student at UCLM
"Wow! That's it. I can't summarise this course in any other way than just saying "Wow". This is, by a huge margin, one of the most interesting, if not THE most interesting course I've ever taken."
13 August 2021

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