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"Well worth the price! I am really impressed with this course so far. Giving a 5-star review even if I haven't made that much progress in the course yet."
10 May 2023
Joel Rivera
Joel Rivera
"Incredible course! Complete and comprehensive. Master teacher Gustavo is here to help us go thru very technical stuff that would be otherwise inaccessible to most people. You can feel the passion in this project."
07 May 2023
"Absolute great introductory to NES Assembly 6502! Like some members of this course I came from using NESMaker which let's you create games without needing any programming knowledge. But - in order to create more advanced games it is absolutely necessary to learn about the architecture of the NES and at least have some basic understandings of Assembly 6502 code. And this course here is a gold mine. Everything is well explained and constantly updated. I hope there will be an advanced course in the future. But I can't recommend this course enough. If you have ever be interested in the NES and creating games, do yourself a favor and enroll. You won't be disappointed. And take your time - it took me 3 - 3 1/2 months to digest everything and I probably will need to rewatch a couple of lectures later during designing my own game! Thanks Gustavo!"
19 Apr 2023
Martin Grahn
C Embedded / VHDL developer
"Wonderful. Thanks for a great course. I enjoyed almost everything. I specially liked the sidesteps eg talking about number base 12 and origin from the eqyptians, very interesting. The layout of the course was easy to follow. It game me a lot of confidence to go forward creating a game myself as well as showing my 9year daughter doing it together with her."
11 Apr 2023
Francisco Bellas
Ingeniero de Telecomunicación
"Clear and well structured. Great course to all people. I was afraid for language and no subtitles, but Gustavo pronounces very, very well and I understand absolutely all. Sure I will do others courses too."
07 Apr 2023
"Great course! Just finished the nes course. Was a great introduction to 6502 assembly with the nes and gave me the right info i need to jump into it. Will be able to test if I know enough in the next Ludum Dare :)"
01 Apr 2023
Rodolfo Martell
"Hard at times, always intellectually satisfying!"
06 Mar 2023
Joshua Sims
"Excellent Course!"
27 Feb 2023
"The best 6502 programming course on the net! Apart from possibly the 2600 course."
10 Feb 2023
Dominic Warchalowski
"Absolutely amazing course! I've been wanting to learn 6502 and specifically NES programming for a couple of years, but everytime I tried to follow tutorials on other video platforms or websites, it immediately went too in-depth or skipped over some of the fundamental stuff. This course absolutely makes sure you understand all the fundamentals you need to know before you start programming. And every subject gets the same amount of attention, making sure that you get a chance to really absorb all the information and build a complete understanding from the architecture to the programming. This course is worth more than it currently costs! If you're interested in programming the NES but still have some doubts, trust me and buy this course. No regrets :)!"
24 Jan 2023
Emilia Rinta-Aho
"Amazing course! This course was a very comprehensive, well organized and very well explained introduction into everything NES! Can't wait to get into creating my own game and to see what Gustavo brings us next!"
10 Jan 2023
Steven Johnson
"Great Stuff! Just finished this and it was well worth the time and effort. Super thorough content as usual covering pretty much everything needed to make a NES game from scratch. Really enjoyed, highly recommend. Thanks Gustavo!"
02 Jan 2023
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown
"Deeply Informative, Interesting, and Fun! This is an excellent course that takes you through all the steps of programming a game on the NES; all the way from overviewing the actual circuitry of the console itself and getting basic colours appearing on-screen, right up to creating music and polishing away bugs. I had so much fun on this course and I'm really looking forward to making all kinds of things on the venerable NES system now!"
06 Nov 2022
David Montes
"Amazing instructor! Gustavo is a top-notch instructor and each lesson is done so well with helpful graphics that really help you understand the material. Can't recommend this course enough!"
16 Oct 2022
"Amazing! Incrível! Excelente didática e conteúdo muito bem organizado."
13 Oct 2022
Bård Ildgruben
Bård Ildgruben
"Finally a 6502 programming course for the NES!

I have been looking for a course like this for years, and I am so happy that Gustavo made this. I took his assembly course on 6502 assembly programming for the Atari 2600 a few years ago and was very happy with it. This course is even better.

Gustavo is a great teacher and he explains complex topics in a very easy to understand way.

I highly recommend this course."
26 Sep 2022
Jason Robles
"Get this RIGHT NOW! (if you're interested in NES programming).

I was skeptical at first (a great first line to say, I know), but this guy knows what he's doing. After aimlessly reading NESDev and asking for help, I thought I could never understand the NES. This guy is a lifesaver!"
24 Sep 2022
Manuel Cabrerizo
"Excellent course!"
12 Sep 2022
Joseph Kennedy
"Best NES course online! Incomparable! Simply the best course on the NES anywhere online :-)"
31 Aug 2022