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"The best way to learn to make games for the Playstation 1!! Gustavo is the best cs sensei I've ever had fr fr"
09 May 2024
Phillip Smeby
"By far the best money I've spent on a training course! I bought this course on a whim, because I wanted to learn low level programming and I grew up with the Playstation as a kids. I tried learning from YouTube and Handmade hero, but I was unable to make much progress due to the disconnected nature of trying to learn from Edutainment. Not only have I learned more in the last few weeks than I did on my own for that last 2 years, but I'm starting to put the pieces together of what game engines do behind the scenes. I learned the fundamentals of assembly, what a front and back buffer are used for, the icing on the cake is the 3d graphics is explained so simply that you can't just help but explore things on your own. There is so much compacted in this course in a well thought out way that its hard to put down. We get the theory, we get the code, we can try and understand the code ourselves or you can listen to the explainations. Just wanted to say thanks for the effort put into this course, and I will be checkout out the others once I make it to the end of this one. "
02 May 2024
Alexander Lierow
"Lots of fun! I had fun learning what this course offered."
27 Apr 2024