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Alexandre Canova
Alexandre Canova
"Great course! Approaching a topic as difficult as a physics engine in a beginner-friendly way is no small feat. This course opened my eyes to many possibilities and concepts. Thank you very much Gustavo, I hope one day we have the 3D version too!"
13 Apr 2024
Fahmi Ahmad
Fahmi Ahmad
"I love this course, gustavo made complex physics and math easy to understand."
19 Feb 2024
Mohnish Sharma
"Amazing Course! The only course I know that goes into constraints and impulse solvers. Gustavo breaks it down very simple so that it is easy to understand. Learnt a lot about game physics. Thanks so much!"
08 Feb 2024
[Anonymous user]
"Absolutely worth it! Besides being an incredible programmer, Gustavo is a really thoughtful and patient teacher. He breaks down really well these concepts and presents them in very easy and digestable manner. The course is math heavy, but things do make sense if you stick with it. Even if you do not end up writing game physics from scratch further down the line, knowing how they tick internally will immensely help you if you choose to use and configure a third party library."
12 Dec 2023
"Probably one of the best courses I've ever taken. Extremely informative, well taught and made. A great base from which to start learning more advanced game physics topics. A great introduction to 2d game physics programming!"
16 Nov 2023
Paul Lewis
Web developer
"Absolutely amazing! Just a wonderful course from start to finish. I can't speak highly enough of the content or its delivery. If you've ever pondered what goes into a 2D physics engine, and if you've ever found yourself wishing someone could explain things in the simplest (and best) possible terms, look no further. Gustavo is a remarkable educator, and this course is worth your time and effort. I have loved every moment of it."
31 Oct 2023
Marcos Arribas
"Great course! On average, I would say that everything is good, but what I really liked, is that is very well paced (fast enough to see the improvements and keep the motivation, but still not rushing the explanations)"
25 Oct 2023
Washington Irving
Washington Irving
"Best! Just great. Gustavo is a great and charismatic teacher. I learned a lot."
30 Sep 2023
Murilo Floriani
Game Developer
"Great as usual :)"
25 Sep 2023
Andrew Douglas
"Another amazing course!!! This is not my first rodeo on Pikuma with Gustavo, and this one, just like all the rest I've done is an absolutely top notch quality course. I can recommend this to anyone who is keen to actually really understand the concepts and be able to apply those in practice. Though I cannot be held responsible if you suddenly decide to migrate to Linux, use Vim as your IDE of choice and start learning math in your spare time. You've been warned :)"
16 Aug 2023
Nikodemus Karlsson
M.Sc. in Physics
"Really good stuff! I'm a physics teacher, and it's really fun and rewarding to apply the physic's laws in a created world. Gustavo explains the topics in a great way. I had limited knowledge of C++ before, but by actively following the course and conducting extensive testing on my own, I make progress every day."
07 Aug 2023
Roger Beausoleil
"Amazing course! It's crazy how bad I was before this class, I didn't become a pro but now I know how it works. Thank you Gustavo!"
01 Jul 2023
Vincenzo Panella
"Great course! Its been years I was trying to find a good source of information about 2d and 3d physics , all the material and books were very shallow in the approach of complex arguments like resting contacts and solvers . I bought this course basically only to acquire knowledge in this field and I am very satisfied!"
07 Jun 2023
"Was looking for this for a long time! This course is great, thank you very much."
26 May 2023
Carlos Alfredo Castillo
Carlos Alfredo Castillo
"Physics are amazing and this course is the best! This course is incredibly special because it combines the fundamental of physics, the necessary math to tackle the concepts and programing in C++. Gustavo is also a great professor, very didactic. Great course, highly recommended!"
28 Apr 2023
Greger Sundvall
Student Game Programmer @ Futuregames
"Awesome! Explains incredibly well the math behind it all and how that is translated into code."
09 Mar 2023
Jay Thibodeau
"Incredible Course! Going through this course made me wish that math was taught through programming in school. Being able to actually play around and see the results of your calculations makes learning everything way more interesting. Gustavo does a great job explaining how each aspect works."
12 Jan 2023
Michael Ross
Michael Ross
"One of the best courses I've taken. It's well worth the money to have lectures of this quality to learn from. I have taken countless courses and Gustavo is among the best of the best!"
24 Nov 2022
José Ferreira
"This course was incredible, and Gustavo did an excellent job in this course."
30 Aug 2022
Dustin Clark
Controls Engineering Technologist
"This was another wonderful course from Gustavo. I really enjoyed the way he broke down some of the complicated math and this was a great introductory course to 2D Game Physics. I cannot wait until the 3D Physics course comes out."
20 May 2022
Bill All
"Fantastic course! I'm about half way through this course. Unbelievable value for money. Not only do you get a course on 2D physics, but it doubles as a massive C++ project so that (for me anyway). I can brush up on and get more confident with the syntax (and memory management).

Course is well presented and explained, with clear diagrams and animations. I wish I had more time (jumping between this one and a few others from same Instructor). Brings together all the stuff I have learnt over the years (since my high school days a few decades ago).

Highly recommended."
11 Apr 2022
Ednildo Silva
"Very good!"
07 Mar 2022
Alex McCulloch
"This is an excellent course and a great entry level to understanding and creating a Physics Engine.

I have bought numerous books and videos on video game physics but never got anywhere because the math and C++ code was to difficult to understand. I am impressed that I was able to understand the calculus in this course as I barely have any experience in calculus. Not only that I also have little experience in C++. The instructor simply knows how to simplify difficult topics and makes it possible for anyone with a high school degree to learn video game physics given they touch up what they do not know on Khan Academy."
03 Feb 2022
Carlos Sánchez Cazorla
"Great content and great explanations!

You are a genious at explaining hard concepts, Gustazo.

It is amazing how you make hard things fun :)"
09 Jan 2022
Peter Lous
"Best course on game physics! I've always been curious on how physics were implemented in games. And truth is that physics was not my best subject on school. But Gustavo really explains all the math behind a physics engine is a very clear manner. You can code along, build your own physics engine and understand everything behind the scenes! Very satisfying! Looking forward to the 3D physics engine course."
26 Dec 2021
"Honestly one of the best courses I have ever taken!

In those 35 hours I've not only learned a lot, but also had a lot of fun and I'm super happy now, that I know so much more about such an exciting topic than before I started this course several weeks ago.

Gustavo has an amazing talent of breaking quite complicated things into smaller, much much easily understandable pieces. I love his step-by-step style of learning and "let's do it from scratch to really understand it" attitude.

I would definitely recommend this course, there is no other course that goes so deeply into game physics as this one.

I am looking forward for more Pikuma courses!"
23 Dec 2021
Oliver Brown
"Great so far.

Just got through all the Math stuff and it was wonderfully explained."
11 Dec 2021
"Excellent course!

It exceeded all my expectations, and I am very happy with the course."
21 Oct 2021
Diren Bharwani
Diren Bharwani
"Perfect course for those who want to learn physics simulations.

Great course, well taught. Contains all the required information for robust physics simulations, taught in a incremental manner that's very helpful when trying to understand the insane math behind it."
15 Oct 2021