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Isaac Shalom
"Teaching from the Ground Up. Wonderful course! I enjoy the fact that you are teaching core concepts from the ground up. Lectures are hands on and detail oriented which is the way to go."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
21 Jan 2023
Alejandro Guardado
Game Developer @ CerosWare
"Amazing course! Gustavo is a fantastic teacher, as he makes all these complex topics look easy. And fun! Getting my hands dirty and drawing each individual pixel serves as a wonderful foundation to keep learning 3D graphics, and to understand how modern graphics APIs work under the hood. And it also works as a phenomenal exercise to learn C at an beginner-intermediate level."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
16 Jan 2023
"Just one comment! Awesome! Everyone that just wants to understand the elementary ingredients, how things fit together and get motivated on doing 3D stuff should do this course. It really wow'ed me and your teaching style, honestly, is tremendously motivating. Well done and please do a follow-up course but stick to C (oldskool will never die)."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
14 Jan 2023
"My dreams have come true!

I have always dreamed about learning and understanding how computer graphics work. I wanted to know what is going on under the hood without using any special graphics library, because they also do something under the hood and I have wanted to know that.

If I give an example as a web developer, think it as learning the Javascript without using React.js library which is built on top of javascript :D I haven't wanted to learn React.js, I wanted to learn Javascript :D This course gave me this.

In the past, I tried to find a good resources a couple of times but each try made me feel more scared and confused. But this course made my dreams come true. It is a gold. It is really eye opening. I learned lots of things and beside that, Gustavo teaches everything in a special order and way and that prevents me to scare from lessons. I'm planning to take almost all of his courses, because each of his coursed give me my another dream :D

Thank you Gustavo, you are one of the best teacher I have ever seen. I wish you were my teacher in my whole school life."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
11 Jan 2023
Joan Abad Reynoso
"Incredible Course!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
01 Jan 2023
Arturo Nereu
Developer Advocate at Unity
"A beautiful explanation of how a pixel ends up on a screen!

With all the advanced rendering engines out there, there's usually no need to take a break and understand how those tiny pixels end up on our device's screen. In each lecture, Gustavo provides technical, in-depth, easy-to-follow, and fun explanations in this course.

Don't be afraid of Math; you will also learn a lot and get to love it!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
13 Dec 2022
Raith Hamzah
Software Engineer at Microsoft
"Sublime resource! Some of the most illustrative examples I've come across for wrapping your head around 3d transformations via matrices and vector math. Makes the rest of the material so much easier to understand with that basis."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
13 Dec 2022
Thippesh T N
"The best Computer Graphics Course!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
05 Dec 2022
Justin Beides
"Absolutely Incredible!

This course takes what can be daunting and intense road blocks to entering and understanding the world of 3D computer graphics and breaks it down in a super understandable manner. Any questions you have, Gustavo is very quick to respond to questions and is always thorough with explanations. Even the comment section has an awesome amount of input from current/past students who provide more information and help to understanding certain concepts!

If you plan to go into OpenGL, DirectX3D, Vulkan, or any Graphics API and to understand this world of how all of these things operate, this course is a must."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
02 Dec 2022
Jamie Hyland
"So far this course has been amazing, I no doubt could have found this information online myself, however the structure of this course is simply sublime, its been awhile since I studied maths in college, so these videos have been a great resource. Theyre also great in only teaching you the basics, giving you the freedom to add on and build your own unique renderer in tandem with the course!

I highly recommend this to anyone from any background, programming or not this is sublime!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
23 Nov 2022
Juean Marfo
"Amazing 3D Graphics Programming Course!

I spent many days trying to understand perspective projection. I watched youtube videos and read books. I still couldn't understand it. I started questioning my intelligence. Then I took this course. In just 5 minutes of watching the video on perspective projection, not only did I understand it, I realized that it's actually a simple concept. Mind blown.

Unlike other teachers who quickly skip over important information, Gustavo breaks down everything in detail and makes it easy to understand.

One of the top 3 teachers I've seen in my 10 years + taking video courses. If you want a good introduction to 3d graphics programming then look no further. This is by far the best resource on the subject out there."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
18 Nov 2022
Nelson Ordonez
"It has been a very interesting experience to learn how 3D graphics are made, how to use light, how to move the camera, texturize objects, extremely fascinating, I recommend it 100%. and something important is that you can continue analyzing each chapter even after the course, my congratulations to Professor Gustavo for this wonderful course."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
17 Nov 2022
Song Xu
"like the samples in the video. they are simple and beautiful and with clear explained."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
06 Nov 2022
Bruno Perry
"Great, again!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
19 Oct 2022
Sören Andersson
"Good course. I Learned what I excpected."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
18 Oct 2022
André Teixeira Leles
"Just one word: AMAZING!!! Currently this is the best choice I made to study."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
16 Oct 2022
Gant Laborde
CIO at infinite.red
"The Ultimate Trifecta!

If you feel uneasy about life's big problems (C programming, Linear Algebra, and 3D Graphics), this course is the decryption key. With the information in this course, I look back at years of struggling in OpenGL, transforming points in 3D, and even that one C program that I broke, and I see the clouds clear away!

This is a MUST-TAKE course for anyone who wants to level up their understanding of graphics, and critical skills that make computers great!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
23 Sep 2022
"Wow! Really impressive content.

Finally able to understand the whole rendering pipeline (albeit a simple one), everything is crystal clear when you put the effort into understanding the material on your own.

I tried learning this a few years ago and had bought the book: Realtime Rendering. Although the book is good, it's way to advanced in concepts presented. This is where Gustavo's course shines: you understand the basics and terminology and helps as a stepping stone into modern graphics API.

Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
22 Sep 2022
"Exceeded all expectations! It's amazing what can be accomplished just with the math we learned in school and we didn't even know the power of this knowledge. You are surprised with each lesson completed. Guaranteed fun. Exceeded all expectations. Worth every penny!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
14 Sep 2022
Adam Patterson
"Liked it so much I did it twice. I've been learning 3D for the last year just to have an interesting project to work on. I started off with Javidx9's youtube series to just get a quick overview, then I took this course and implemented it in C. I didn't understand quite a bit and would skip lectures that didn't involve code since I just wanted to get to the final product. It was still amazing and probably my favorite guide I've ever followed. After that I explored, OpenGL, raytracing and other topics. Now about a year later, I just finished the course for the second time. I watched at 1.5X video speed. This time I used Go instead of C just for something different. But this time I paid attention to all the lectures and learned so much more. When I had an issue, instead of going back in the video, I could usually figure out what the problem was on my own, due to a better understanding. Thanks so much! I loved the course and it really shows how much time and effort you put into the series."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
27 Aug 2022
Chintan Bhat
"Nothing short of amazing!!! Just started this Course after a long time of buying. Gustavo is an unbelievable Teacher. He gets the attention and clarfies the out come on first 12 minutes. More importantly whatever he claims, he delivers. Looking forward to a great adventure."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
21 Aug 2022
Thatoyaone Bogopa
"Interesting course! Taking time to explain all important details."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
10 Aug 2022
James Graham
"Fantastic course! I've been looking for all of this material in one place for 25 years. Up until now, things were either too spotty, too complicated, or using a programming language that I wasn't interested in. This course covers just about everything and being in C, I think is easily adaptable to another language."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
07 Aug 2022
Game programmer
"The best (not one of the) 101 course on computer graphics! Anyone who wants to get serious about learning computer graphics, learn to write a software render first before trying anything with OpenGL/DX/Vulkan, you will have a much deeper and firm understanding of the pipeline."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
05 Aug 2022
Tom Hulton-Harrop
Game Engine and Developer Services @ AWS
"Excellent introduction to 3D graphics!

I have a reasonable amount of experience in games development and 3D graphics programming but had never really gone back to first principles and thought of everything that's required to create a renderer from scratch. This course covers absolutely everything you need to know and is done so in an incredibly accessible way.

The course was easy to follow (each section is broken down into small chunks that make incremental progress a lot easier) and Gustavo's enthusiasm is infectious, making covering the material really enjoyable.

I highly recommend this course for beginners and even for people who are already familiar with rendering and graphics APIs as an effective refresher course. You'll no doubt learn something new along the way!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
24 Jul 2022
"Great course for intermediates. I'm a 3D artist + Tech artist with a year or so worth of C++ programming experience and I'm loving the course so far. Very Pedagogical! Each lecture are in manageable lengths and the pace is perfect for me."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
21 Jul 2022
"Amazing course"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
20 Jul 2022
Victor Osornio
"An amazing journey! Thanks Gustavo, I really enjoyed your teaching style and how you cover the fundamentals in a clear and easy to follow way. Your course is one of the most engaging and polished I've taken."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
14 Jul 2022
Ferran Ruiz
"Great course! While I have seen similar material for free on the web. Having all compiled is a great help, also some concepts I had seen several times and only clicked for me watching this course. What I mean is that its very well explained, and if you have any doubts left usually someone has already asked about it and you can read Gustavo's answer. My only negative point is that towards the end it goes a little towards the object oriented side of things. But you can opt out of it and its really just at the end. Just a warning if you do not want to go down that particular road."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
13 Jul 2022
Rodrigo Verdiani
Game Developer at Voidkraft Studio
"Another awesome course by Gustavo! As usual, this is being quite a journey! I'm loving all the content presented, with all the math and logic behind it. Couldn't recommend more! All the stuff that I was having difficulty learning from other sources was made easy to understand and implement in my code. Keep up the awesome work, Gustavo! Looking forward to your next courses!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
08 Jul 2022
Dustin Clark
Controls Engineering Technologist
"Amazing Course!!! This was another amazing course by Gustavo! The way the mathematics behind 3D graphics programming was broken down and made easy to understand was wonderful. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning graphics programming! Now my goal is to convert the original code in C to C++. This is going to be fun! Thank you Gustavo."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
29 Jun 2022
Jeffrey Shaffer
Associate Professor at Shizuoka University
"An Amazing Course. Well Taught and Well Explained!

This was an amazing course! Not only did I learn a LOT about graphics and mathematics, I also loved watching how the teacher wrote and checked his code. I think I learned as much about programming methods and techniques as I did about graphics! This course was all that I hoped for and more, and the teacher is clear, careful, and thorough. He makes even the hardest topics easy to understand.

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how 3D graphics really work."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
19 Jun 2022
Simon Steinaa
Software Developer
"So pedagogical! It's the best course I've taken on graphics. The instructor is very skilled in explaining all the details. Highly recommended."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
15 Jun 2022
Albert Tsanaclis
Albert Tsanaclis
Senior Software Developer

This is a very thoughtful and carefully presented 3D course, I am learning a lot of 3D programming and 3D in general. And also, by the way, a lot of C.

Really amazing! It is really built from scratch, and all the 3D vocabulary is presented clearly and with sufficient details in order to really grasp the concepts behind things like vectors, culling, perspective, left-hand/right-hand perspective, C programming, transformations, matrices, game loop, projections.

Excellent course."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
09 Jun 2022
Kristafer Vale
Character Setup TD Dreamworks Animation
"Even if you have a lot of 3D experience, this course teaches you A LOT!

I've been working as a Character Setup TD for over 12 years, this course illuminated a lot of the basics of computer graphics I never had the opportunity to learn until now.

I appreciate the time the instructor takes to really examine and explain the math and the programming utilized to create computer graphics.

This course is the first one I've ever encountered that did a good job of managing the balance of math and computer science necessary to completely explain computer graphics literally from the ground up!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
16 May 2022
Thiago Almeida
Graphics designer
"Outstanding course!

I'm a bit less than halfway through the videos but I can say that this is the best training course about 3D Graphics I have ever taken. It goes in-depth about the topic while still managing to maintain a beginner-friendly approach. Gustavo deserves props for putting together this outstanding material."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
06 May 2022
Raul Romero
"Amazing! This is course has really helped me to understand the fundamentals of 3D."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
01 May 2022
Aemon Malone
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
27 Apr 2022
Mario Lucas da Silva Barbosa
3D Graphics Programmer / GameDev
"Amazing course! This course is what you expect to learn when you begin in Computer Graphics area. I must reccomend this course for enyone that wants to realy learn in theory and practice about 3D Graphics."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
12 Apr 2022
Steven Mycynek
Principal Engineer at Onshape

Goes over fundamentals, not just end results. I found this class extremely rewarding."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
09 Feb 2022
Fábio Cardoso Chagas
Engenheiro de Processos
"Gustavo, you are a true educator. Your method is the best way for 100% comprehension of computer graphics. Thx a lot!!!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
01 Feb 2022
Anders Jensen
"This is probably one of the best resources for beginners or people who would like a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of graphics programming. Everything idea and every line of code is explained in detail and at a good pace. The progression from topic to topic is very well thought out and feels like natural progression all the way through. And the end product is a really cool little engine that people can use to implement more techniques and just have fun expanding upon for further learning.

At this price tag this course is an absolute steal for anyone interested in the subject.

Very well done!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
24 Jan 2022
Anton Yarkov
Principal Software Engineer
"Dreams come true! Any programmer tries to create games at some point of their life. I'm NOT a game developer, not a UI or graphics developer. However, I did write some 2D games during school, then during university and even at some point of my professional programming career (when some company asked me to write a simple OpenGL game as part of my interview process). I know there are good books on game development, but you always have something else to read then you are not not involved in a game industry fulltime.

This course is a rescue for those who are busy with daily routine job, but still curious on how things actually work.

Gustavo introduces all basic graphics concepts with the approach that is nice & easy. Using pure C allows us to focus on exactly what we need to know and avoid unnecessary abstractions or spending time to configure something unrelated (like database or libraries, etc.).

This course is amazing! Definitely recommend to everyone from 10 to 99 years!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
17 Jan 2022
Yijie Shen
"The best graphic programming course! Very informative course and a lot of new knowledge that I never knew. Thanks for your teaching. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn graphic programming."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
01 Jan 2022
Al Curtis
Al Curtis
Computer Programmer
"As a professional programmer, I have taken many online classes both for fun and as for training on new technologies. This course is one of the best I have ever purchased. I would highly recommend this class for anyone that wants a firm understanding of 3D graphics programming. Well Done!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
30 Oct 2021
Maurice Blaks

I have started this course and already I am beyond excited, this course will give me an understanding of an awesome field in computing.

From this course I can even use the practical mathematics learnt in my own projects, so this is truly an amazing course."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
27 Sep 2021
Javid Gajievi
Javid Gajievi
"We are lucky that Gustavo decided to make this course. I have just finished 50% of the whole course. The 50% blew my mind and I am very, very exited to finish the rest. I cannot stress enough how important this course is for any graphics programmer to understand how everything work from graphics API's to mathematics and algorithms applied on them."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
07 Sep 2021
Wamiq Ur Rehman
Wamiq Ur Rehman
"This is the best course I took. Teacher explains everything like you would study in a class and I think that's really beautiful. He covers really complex topics, well for me they were kind of complex but he taught them in the way that I really feel comfortable with 3D graphics programming and mathematics. Thank you for making this course please keep making more I love it!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
02 Sep 2021
Meniscus Sunrise
"Excellent Every step covered and explained in detail."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
02 Sep 2021
Luis Gonzalez
Doctoral student at UCLM
"Wow. That's it. I can't summarise this course in any other way than just saying 'Wow'.

This is, by a huge margin, one of the most interesting, if not THE most interesting course I've ever taken.
I've always been curious about how general computer stuff works under the hood, and 3D-graphics rendering was one of the things that most piqued my curiosity. And since this course goes through all the nitty-gritty of every single rendering step, such curiosity has been fully satisfied. And, oh do I now know how rendering actually works! Being able to see the result of the developed code in a screen really adds up to the satisfaction this course has brought to me.

I just want to say: BRAVISSIMO! I'm now more than hyped for that physics programming course... :-D"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
13 Aug 2021
Zack Shrout
"Gustavo Pezzi is a legend - every course I have taken from him has been right on the money."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
02 Jul 2021
Stuart Hunt
"As an experienced programmer, this was really just for fun and to refresh various things I’d not used in a while, but I really enjoyed it. Gustavo (as always) explains everything very clearly, with a particular focus on the why and how. You’re never just presented information as a black box or thrown in the deep end, you’re taken through the maths and algorithms in a clear manner that anyone should be able to understand. At the end of the course, you’ll have a much better knowledge of how 3D graphics are built from the ground up and how it all works together. The end result of drawing 3D models, and knowing that you calculated every vertex, triangle and pixel is extremely satisfying. Highly recommended for anyone interested in 3D."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
19 Jun 2021
Alex C
"Perfect balance of hands-on and conceptual teaching! I am loving this course. Every other course on programming I've taken has either been focused only on hands-on programming while neglecting to teach fundamental concepts, or focused way too much on conceptual teaching while neglecting to give decent hands-on exercises to solidify what the student has learned. I knew this course was good when the first challenge was at just the right amount of difficulty. It took me a few minutes to figure out but the hands-on teaching combined with the fundamentals put me in the perfect place to figure it out on my own, and in my own creative way. I will say that some of that confidence did come from knowing some C already, but I only have basic proficiency in the language."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
03 Jun 2021
"Absolutely the best! I thank you Gustavo for being the best teacher available today that someone could ever hope. This was astonishingly good, I feel that I would not be able to do a 3D graphics renderer without a massive review. But I really do understand what knowledge I need, everything that I need to do, I learnt a lot about the math needed and what it is most important, I feel that the path is clear from now on and I can keep going doing anything, if you ever do some modern graphics API just contact me that I'm really going to do, while waiting, I'll keep following you on twitter!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
01 May 2021
Alberto Marcos Martinez
"I have really enjoyed this course.

I can't recommend it more for people who want to learn how things work in 3D computer graphics.

An essential course without any doubt!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
10 Mar 2021
"An invaluable resource for learning computer graphics.

This course is one of the best resources on fundamental of CG available on the Internet."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
06 Mar 2021
Arash Amiri
"Very good course! Learned a lot. Thanks Gustavo for the great explanations."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
14 Jan 2021
Karl Phillip Buhr
Software Engineer & Professor at UNOESC
"3D Computer Graphics for Dummies. This is a fantastic course on the fundamentals of Computer Graphics where you learn how to code step-by-step a complete 3D renderer. The intuition offered for the 3D math operations alone is worth many times the value of course. If you are not sure about Gustavo's ability to dumb down complex subjects, check his free course on "Raycasting Engine Programming with C". I look forward to do more CG related courses from Pikuma in the future. This was really really fun!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
03 Jan 2021
Karl Phillip Buhr
Software Engineer & Professor at UNOESC
"I'm really enjoying '3D Graphics Programming from Scratch'. I don't know why its so cheap since its worth at least 100USD for the quality of the material, examples and explanations."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
11 Dec 2020
Sam Pollard
Sam Pollard
"Superb course! Nothing is left out. Everything is explained in crystal clear detail, and there's a perfect combination of theory and coding, all served up with a huge dose of Gustavo's obvious passion for the subject. You will learn a lot and have fun doing it. Gustavo really knows how to teach. Highly recommended."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
15 Nov 2020
Manuel Cabrerizo
"Excelente curso. Ele mejor curso sobre este tema"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
04 Nov 2020
Bruce Sutherland
Bruce Sutherland
Senior Engineer
"Would give 6 stars if I could!
This is the second course I've taken from Gustavo and have enjoyed both immensely. Gustavo's courses are immensely educational, entertaining, and fun, and have rekindled my obsession with writing computer games. Thank you so much, Professor Pezzi!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
22 Oct 2020
Ednildo Silva
"Excellent. It is very complete and detailed material. Thanks a lot."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
06 Oct 2020
Darko Draskovic
Darko Draskovic
Graphics Programmer & IoT Software Developer
"Take this course :)
Easily one of the best computer graphics courses out there!
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
20 Sep 2020
Pieter Prinsloo
"3D Graphics Programming. Gustavo is true to his word as usual and teaches the fundamentals of graphics programming from scratch. I can really recommend this course to anyone who wishes to understand more about graphics programming and how it works."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
04 Sep 2020
Jose Jacob
"Amazing course!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
23 Aug 2020
Peter Lous
"Great Course. If you want to learn the fundamentals of 3d graphics this course is for you! Easy to follow explanations. The teacher really wants you to understand everything! I hope Gustavo will create a follow course to explain more advanced topics. Or a course to build a ray tracer or ray marcher"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
26 Jun 2020
Andrew Douglas
"This course goes into details which are usually (if not always) omitted by other courses in this category. I liked that the math and actual algorithms were discussed before implementing them and student own problem solving opportunity was encouraged throughout. This course has enabled me to fill in the critical gaps in some of the most important fundamental concepts in 3D graphics programming. Hope to see more! Thank you."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
19 Jun 2020
Pedro Gamne
"The best course on computer graphics for beginners. The most impressive characteristic of this course is the maths reviews. You really get to understand the logic behind each formula. Thank you!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
10 Jun 2020
Pedro Ganme
"The best course on computer graphics for beginners. The most impressive characteristic of this course is the maths reviews.

You really get to understand the logic behind each formula.
Thank you!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
10 Jun 2020
Igor Semenov
"I'm working as game developer for 5 years, and it was always a black box all things that touch rendering stuff.

If you want to understand that black box you should definitely take this course!

Gustavo is a perfect teacher! Thank you a lot!"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
31 May 2020
Tugsad Aydin
"Amazing Content"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
30 May 2020
Jérémy Aldebert
"Very good course and very well explained. The course is very understandable. Everything is explained in detail with clarity. I am very happy."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
10 May 2020
Steve Merritt
Steve Merritt
Senior Game Developer
"Simply the Best Online Lecture Series on 3D Graphics Programming.

If I could recommend one course to take whether you're an aspiring graphics/game developer or an industry veteran like myself, this would be my top pick. I wish I could have taken this course 20 years ago
when I was still just a college kid dabbling in graphics and game programming for the first time. Since then, I've read countless tutorials, articles, books, and blogs, watched a number of online videos on these topics, even worked with graphics programmers in the industry. None of these sources have presented the material as well as Gustavo has in this lecture series. His teaching style is engaging, intuitive, and to the point. He also does an excellent job of breaking down complex topics into digestible chunks. As each lecture or section concluded, armed with a new understanding or renewed sense of clarity on various topics, I revisited old books and source code that I had previously found somewhat daunting. It was an amazing feeling to read through these materials again and discover that I now understood the concepts being presented. Equally amazing was the ability to take these ideas and apply them to the very visual, working example software renderer that is developed throughout the course. To add icing on the cake, Gustavo is also very active in lecture discussions and readily answers questions. He also takes the time to revise course material when necessary rather than just posting errata as other instructors tend to do. This course is an incredible ride from start to finish. Gustavo not only teaches the fundamentals of 3D graphics, he also teaches mathematics that are widely used in many areas of game development. By the end, you will have gone from drawing a single pixel on the screen to rendering a fully textured, lit, culled 3D model, and know the math and algorithms that make it possible! You will also have a greater appreciation and understanding of how modern graphics APIs work under the hood."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
08 May 2020
Murilo Floriani
Game Developer
"Very well explained as usual"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
02 May 2020
Joshua Torres
"Best Course to Learn 3D Graphics from Scratch. If you truly want to learn how things work under the hood when it comes to computer graphics, this is the course for you. You'll come out of here with a greater appreciation for mathematics as well. I myself want to learn more about engine development and this course has given me the confidence to pursue that."
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
01 May 2020
"I wish I had this course at the beginning of my career ! As a self taught programmer (that is now working in the game industry) I wish I had this course at the beginning of my career. I bought it because I want to support those kind of materials! I basically learned all this stuff by myself through books and articles, but this course is a all in one place to learn them all at once, in a fun/approachable and motivating way that will make you save some precious time. Even if this is a good refresher for me and I already had the "clicks" before, I'll recommend it for anyone wanting to become a graphics/game/programmer !"
Learn 3D Software Graphics Programming
19 Apr 2020