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Sisouphanh Sayarath
Sisouphanh Sayarath
"Excellent explaining course topics."
25 Nov 2023
Biagio Paparella
"Nice overview of Linux Fundamentals. Well-rounded presentation covering a little bit of everything. Useful and interesting."
09 Nov 2023
Filipe Araujo
Senior Technical Artist
"A fantastic introduction to working with shell! As a user of windows for all of my life and having never touched linux , this course made it so I could comfortably navigate linux / mac os and more importantly, clarified a lot of things about how OSes work. A really excellent primer for anyone who wants to get that foundational computer science knowledge. Highly recommended."
19 Feb 2023
Fabrizio Sartori
"AMAZING! I've been a programmer for a long time, which includes working a ilttile with Linux/UNIX environment. However, because of the daily work, we are only focused on solving application issues of legacy systems, and not doing something from scratch. This course opened my eyes for some things that I had never done before (to have my hands durty, as the professor says. LOL), and it was truly good! Thanks, Gustavo!"
15 Feb 2023
Daniel Schapira
"Gustavo is reassuring and personable. This is important to me as a retiree new to Linux, and wanting to embark on a programming hobby.

Excellent video overlay of Gustavo's image and hands pointing at the text on the video image of the terminal, in real time. This like a tutor in a live lesson. The ability to replay the mini-lessons compensates for lack of true face to face teaching.

Compared to the numerous free youtube tutorials: there are no intrusive adverts, no flashy video editing gimics, no merchandising and no heavy accented tutors with diction that makes you concentrate to hard on the words to extract the meaning. I reviewed the lessons many times. I know that the only way to integrate the knowledge knowledge is to practice. This was a good toe in the water and I am ready to start another course."
10 Jan 2023
Efisio Mancini
"Just what I needed, excellent Intro to Linux/Unix."
08 Jan 2023
Othelo Vieira
Technical Microsoft CSP
"Worth the time investment to learn Linux and a few Dev tools. It was an awesome Linux refresher course for me, and I really enjoyed the command-line dev tools lecture."
28 Dec 2022
"Nice course! I really loved the history part as well."
12 Dec 2022
Albert Tsanaclis
Albert Tsanaclis
Senior Software Developer
"Really, really interesting and instructive course with plenty of real-world examples, that are applicable to many, many operating systems including MacOS."
06 Nov 2022
José Font
"Excellent instructor. I wish you have Python, C, and advanced Bash for beginners."
19 Oct 2022
"Incredibly good course! It includes so much more than just the basics! You learn which tools are essential for development and you get a very good all-round view. After the course you will see your computer with different eyes. Highly recommended!"
23 Aug 2022
Jaqop James
"Wonderful course! I learn a lot from this course, it's easy and straight to the point. Enjoyable, very rare to find a course like this, and it makes you learn more by yourself."
11 Apr 2022
Emilio Ganibegovic
"In depth and good course! This course is very good for people who are new to Linux and the course is very detailed and you are guaranteed to learn a lot from this course."
20 Feb 2022
Peter Gruessing
Author at Sensation Interactive
"I am about 60% through the course and its been a real treat! Even though I have been in IT for years Gustavo's teaching style and patient explanations of key topics are a real breath of fresh air.

I have taken courses on Udemy, Skillshare, Codeacademy, and others and not many come close to the level Gustavo is currently teaching at. Bravo!

Take this course you wont be sorry you did!"
05 Feb 2022
Charmaine Carby
"Excellent course! The lecturer is very good at imparting the knowledge of Linux - Just a great and awesome way of giving exercises and be able to understand the core principles"
24 Jan 2022
John Reder
Founder TacticalNeuronics.com
"Great Refresher and I actually learned some new things! My last formal UNIX class was in the middle 90's when I worked for NCR (at the time an At&t company)! One of my instructors was a developer of S5R4-MPRAS which was a big deal back them. For the past 25 years I've been mostly a Windows and web developer but I play around a bunch with Raspberry Pi projects and have been tinkering with many Linux based projects and even poking through code for some Vectrex development projects on the PiTrex a Pi Power Vectrex card that hijacks the old GCE Vectrex hardware for all kinds of new vector tricks not possible with the 6809 processor. This course cleared up a ton of what I was fumbling through on the gcc side. Thanks!"
22 Dec 2021
Ameya Paranjpe
"Very good course! Thank you"
14 Aug 2020
Alberto Marcos Martinez
"Great course about Linux"
01 May 2020