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"Thank you sir. So far, the lecturer seems very friendly, and clear, and he clearly knows what he's talking about. The topics he covers are wonderful, and it's obvious how much work has been put into these courses. So far, it's easily a 5-star experience, and I don't expect it to go any lower. In fact, it seems to get nicer and nicer the more I go through it. I don't think a simple 'thank you' is enough to show my appreciation and gratitude for this lecturer and his platform."
27 May 2024
Andres Mata
Profesor de talleres tecnológicos
"Exceptional Introduction to Raycasting Programming!

Gustavo Pezzi's course on raycasting programming is nothing short of exceptional. As someone delving into game development or simply interested in the intricacies of computer graphics, this course provides an enriching experience that exceeds expectations.

Gustavo's expertise shines through as he navigates learners through the complexities of raycasting. His clear explanations and structured approach make even the most daunting concepts accessible to beginners.

What sets this course apart is its hands-on nature. Gustavo guides students through the process of building a simple but complete raycaster from scratch, mirroring the techniques utilized in Wolfenstein 3D. The practical exercises ensure that learners not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain invaluable programming skills applicable in various domains.

Furthermore, Gustavo's teaching style fosters a supportive learning environment. His responsiveness to questions and willingness to clarify doubts ensures that no learner is left behind. The course materials, including lectures, assignments, and supplementary resources, are meticulously curated to facilitate a seamless learning journey.

By the end of the course, students emerge with a profound understanding of raycasting principles and a tangible project to showcase their newfound skills. Whether you're an aspiring game developer or simply passionate about coding, Gustavo Pezzi's raycasting course is an invaluable resource that deserves five stars without hesitation."
06 May 2024
Alexandre Canova
Alexandre Canova
"Another great course from Gustavo! Hands-on experience that builds your knowledge foundation in a well structured pace. You'll create the raycasting engine first in Javascript and then move to a more complete version in C. It really covers a lot in such little time, thank you!"
28 Apr 2024
Vince Sevedge
"Fun and practical! This course was a journey, a story about a program and all the details, beautiful and messy alike. Math, algorithms, code organization, best practices, refactoring - all landmarks along the way to a victorious ending and a promising epilogue."
17 Dec 2023
Gerard Druiven
"Great. Nice thing, eteps from easy to more complex. Not afraid for making mistakes, on purpose or not, and than ofcourse correcting these mistakes which is great learning point."
10 Nov 2023
Niki Prljic Junior
Niki Prljic Junior
"I really like this course. Really well explained. It's really worth the money."
28 Aug 2023
Patrick Apgar
"Great Course w/ a Fun Project"
03 Aug 2023
Esko Tarkka
"Thank you for this marvelous course. I am a beginner in programming and this has helped me a lot. Will be taking other courses to get further learning. My main focus is demoscene, making digital art in real-time for pc. But perhaps some day in a few years to do some game development. Would also love to see a course from Pikuma that teaches a bit of artistic real-time coding, like maybe a few simple 2d and 3d effects in C or C++. There are many interesting effects but I am not good at implementing math/linear algebra to a code yet. Thanks a lot. Pikuma is a wonderful place to learn."
31 Jul 2023
Edmar Paulino
Developer at Grupo Boticário
"An awesome course. Gustavo teaches us in an easy way, with incredible examples that really explain everything about the content, you learn and don't get that feeling of not having understood the subject."
27 Mar 2023
Adrian Devlin
"Loved the course. Well delivered and very interesting."
01 Feb 2023
Amro Ibrahim
Software Engineer
"The best tutorial for raycast!

I bought this course since I enjoyed other courses Mr. Gustavo Pezzi created, although I have already built a ray caster previously, I just wanted to refresh my knowledge. After all this is just a ray caster engine, and lots of tutorials cover this topic! Oh boy, oh boy I was completely wrong!

With Mr. Gustavo there is always something new to learn even if you know the topic by heart. The course covers topics that no other tutorials online covers, and this is what makes this course excel from all other tutorials online and making it the best resource available online.

Course content 10/10 Course progression 10/10 Explanation 10/10 Course self-contained 10/10 learn something new 10/10."
22 Dec 2022
Ramnath R
"Course is Execellent and Worth learning! Gustavo explained and break complex concepts to simple ones. I enjoyed the course. You have chosen simple mathematical techniques in the course which allowed me to grasp the Raycasting concept easily. There is something I would like to point out. You have formatted the code at the end of the course instead of following best practices from the beginning. That can cause some confusion and it is better to write separate header files from the beginning, doing so will be easier to follow, debug and even read the entire code. IMO, this is not a beginner C programming course isn't it Gustavo. So why not format the code from the beginning instead of reformatting entire thing at last sections. Other than that this course is highly recommended for anyone looking for awesome C based project and want to dive deep in to core concepts of game development."
12 Dec 2022
William Bickel
"My review. Thanks for this course."
12 Dec 2022
Andreas Claesson
"A fantastic deep-dive into one of the most important game techniques of the 90's. The classic Wolf3D raycasting engine broken down and presented in a format easy to understand. The teacher presents the material in small chunks and explains all maths behind every concept. I really enjoyed this course!"
05 Dec 2022
Albert Nadal Garriga
Software Engineer
"This course taught me the magic behind the Raycasting technique, very clearly and concisely. I enjoyed the course from start to finish. This course make me better understand how to implement the Raycasting technique from its foundations using one of my favourite programming languages. This course also encouraged me to implement new challenging features like transparent walls or portal mirrors, just for fun. I strongly recommend this course. Thank you Gustavo."
17 Oct 2022
James Rozee
James Rozee
"This was a wonderful course. I grew up with very limited Math skills. So this course really helped me to understand much of the mathematics behind this Raycasting approach. Thank you for making this course!"
10 Oct 2022
"Fun but not perfect. The important part of the course is seeing the implementation of a fun algorithm, and this is conveyed well both in terms of how to write the algorithm and understanding how it works. The drawback of the course is that the code that is presented often goes against industry best practices, e.g. with var instead of let statements in the JavaScript code and tons of global variables in the C code (instead of explicit argument passing). I would recommend this course for an experienced programmer that's looking for some fun. For the junior programmer, there's a heavy does of asterixis that follow pretty much every single statement in this course."
18 Jul 2022
Albert Tsanaclis
Albert Tsanaclis
Senior Software Developer
"Amazing course! This course was amazing, thank you! I really enjoyed the lessons pace and the raycasting technique."
15 Jul 2022
Moeen Kamali
"Its the best way to start understanding rendering. i think Gustavo is a great person to teach complicated stuff very easily."
01 Jul 2022
Andreas Vlcek
Andreas Vlcek
"Wow! I really learned a ton here. Highly recommended."
30 May 2022
James Smith
James Smith
"Fantastic and Fun!

I am a professional JavaScript programmer but I hardly ever get to do something this much fun, I also want to learn C in a fun way and so am looking forward to doing the follow on course."
13 Mar 2022
Welton Leite
Camper at 42 São Paulo
"I learned a lot from this course, impressed by the quality and depth of the explanations.

Hello from 42SP! =D"
07 Feb 2022
Ross Kuehl
"Trying to learn graphics programming as a self-taught web developer without a strong foundation in math has been challenging, but this course has been great at reinforcing what I already know and helping me piece things together that I've been learning.

So far my strategy for this course has been to try and implement the next step myself before watching your code walkthrough and then see the differences between our implementations. It provides a little extra challenge which I would recommend if you want to get the most out of courses like these.

The instructor is very thorough in each lesson and hits on all of the details required to fully understand the material.

This course is a great little nugget and should have wider reach."
11 Dec 2021
Steven Johnson
"Fantastic. I recently started learning about computer graphics and had been wanting to learn about how the old Wolf3D raycasting technique worked. I just so happened to stumble over this course and it provided *exactly* the information that I was looking for. Gustavo breaks everything down in to easy to digest lectures and it was a joy to follow along. Highly recommend."
11 Sep 2021
Joao Cassis
"What a life saver.

Gustavo is a really good teacher. He goes above and beyond to be very thorough in his explanations. I came out of this course really understanding the concepts behind this technique. Thanks for the great course."
22 Mar 2021
Jason Piloti
"It's the best course than I see!"
01 Feb 2021
Test Acc
"Really Good Raycasting Course. I am taking this course for making a game for a game jam, it is going really well and there are very in-depth explanations for almost everything in raycasting"
22 Jan 2021
Anders Krog
"Fantastic cource. Learned a lot, not only about raycasting but also about c, refactoring and math."
19 Jan 2021
Anders Krog
"Makes coding fun. I normally don't like learning by videos. But This cource is really easy and thorough. Also great for refreshing some math."
14 Jan 2021
Magoninho Gamer
"Finally some good and free content about raycasting. I was searching for a beginner friendly tutorial about raycasting. I wasn't finding one that was easy to understand. Until I see The Coding Train video about raycasting, that recommended this course in the video's description. I'm so happy I found this!"
02 Jan 2021
Jannes Kaspar-Müller
"This was a really solid tutorial and it was for free!

Thank you very much for your time and clear explanations!"
26 Dec 2020
Joao Silva
"Amazing course.Every single video is super interesting, Gustavo really makes it seem easy and trivial to learn about programming, algorithms and trigonometry. I really like that he goes into so much detail about everything and codes along from scratch without assuming expert knowledge about anything. Absolutely recommended"
21 Dec 2020
Rho van Passel
"Awesomely insightful. This was an eye-openener with respect to raycasting. You get a good step-by-step course, with some assignments in between (recommended to spend some time on that by the way) and good explanations about the how and why things work like they do. If you have little programming experience you will be glad to hear that he choose javascript as the proof-of-concept language. If you already have some programming experience this will give you a multitude of thoughts about "hey but what if I try it like this?" He is very good at making people excited and motivated to delve more into this topic. Would highly recommend o/"
15 Dec 2020
Joao Silva
"Really good beyond expectations. I'm almost done with course but I'm very (pleasantly) surprised with the level of detail explaining the concepts that we're covering with every step. I'm no C developer but I'm considering buying the full course just because of how well everything is explained, it'd be a good challenge and learning experience. Some constructive feedback though, the quality of the video could be a little better. Even though the video quality automatically selects 1080p it's clear that that is not the case. Just for consideration on future recordings, thanks for the great course!"
11 Dec 2020
Karl Phillip Buhr
Software Engineer & Professor at UNOESC
"Amazing step-by-step Raycasting tutorial! This shouldn't be free! The instructor does a fantastic job reviewing all the required math for the raycaster in simple terms and with great examples."
06 Dec 2020
El Kemmal Abdelhamid
El Kemmal Abdelhamid
"tnx for this course, I learned a lot from him"
01 Nov 2020
Abhijit leihaorambam
18 Oct 2020
Anthony Clark
"Very useful course. I liked the hands-on approach, though the explanations dragged on a bit at times. Overall, this course was well worth the watching time."
16 Oct 2020
Сайфуддин Евлоев
"Ray-casting on Js. This was the most amazing course on ray-casting i ever had, think you very much from Russia. I will definitely recommend it."
28 Sep 2020
Rafael Gallardo
23 Sep 2020
Baek Changhyun
École 42 France
"Cool! This course is wonderful. I can understand raycasting very easily. I love it!"
12 Sep 2020
You Ssef
"That was great. Tnx for this cours it healps a lot tnx."
10 Sep 2020
James Carnrike
"Great So Far. The first lesson was a great way to overview and establish the basics of trigonometry. He condensed what took my high school teacher 5 days to try to teach, to 30 minutes. I don't want to think about how long ago that was."
13 Aug 2020
Joyce Macksuele
École 42 France
"Awesome course. I'm a student of école 42 and I needed that house in my life haha Thank you sooo much. Your course was very good and all the explaining too :)"
06 Aug 2020
Peter Lous
"Great Course. If you really want to understand how one of the first 3D games for PC's is working (Wolfenstein 3D), then this course if for you!

Easy to understand explanations of the math involved."
02 Aug 2020
Alexander Spivak
"Thank you so much! The best introduction in raycasting! You are great man!"
19 Jul 2020
"Fantastic course. The information is presented and explained very well, the instructor approaches the idea of raycasting using understandable diagrams and examples."
12 Jul 2020
Hello World
"Amazing Teacher! and Amazing Course! Thank you so much for making this course, everything was very easy to follow and i had lots of fun learning about raycasting!"
05 Jul 2020
Potato King
"Excellent course. I really liked the detailed explanation of every detail in an understandable language. The course is also well suited for a person who is not very good at mathematics, as it motivates everyone to figure it out well."
04 Jul 2020
Bruno Vidigal
"Very very instructive!"
09 Jun 2020
Brandon Robson
"Great course, well explained and easy to follow!"
03 Jun 2020
Eric Andrade
Eric Andrade
"Learn Ray casting algorithm easy peasy! Congratulations on your course Gustavo! Whether Assembly or RayCasting, you make things a piece of cake!"
26 May 2020
Gilles Sagnard
"Very interesting, I have loved te way you have explained this course.

In additional of my own research of the raycasting technic I can develop a little project in Lua with wall, floor and ceilling textures. It's very clear for me now !

The challenge is to draw doors now :)

Thank yoou very much"
25 May 2020
Lucas Developmentos
"Very good explanations. Do like this course"
24 May 2020
Jon Asm
"Probably the best course I have ever enrolled on for computer graphics in C.

Even though I am an experienced programmer, the attention to detail and methodology has been excellent throughout. There isn't a single aspect of the code nor the mathematics that has not been explained thoroughly. Gustavo does a great job of introducing advanced concepts in such a way so that they can be understood and researched further by the student. In particular, his treatment of game loops and delta time which can be confusing for beginners was made clear and unambiguous."
20 May 2020
Bilal ahmad
20 May 2020
Jon Snow
"Very good project, excellent explanations. The course is very helpful, thx !"
18 May 2020
Francisco Magalhães
"Simple and easy"
14 May 2020
James Rozee
"Excellent Details. The instructor explains all of the details about Raycasting with simple and easy to understand illustrations. So even if you're like me and missed or don't remember your high school trig, you'll still understand what is going on."
06 May 2020
Caio Vinicius
"Awesome! Cara, sua didática é simplesmente incrível. Muito obrigado por oferecer cursos gratuitamente criados com tanto carinho"
05 May 2020
Antonio Herrera Martin
"Excellent detailed introduction to raycast. It was a detailed very useful introduction to raycasting. It has a complete idea of what you need, and you can use the concepts to expand for whatever more advance development you want to do with the code."
05 May 2020
Sławomir Grochowski
Sławomir Grochowski
"Awesome! Easy to understand with great examples!"
28 Apr 2020
Peter Hering
"Excellent Course. Gustavo presents clear and detailed explanations of raycasting concepts and provide understandable incremental examples."
21 Apr 2020
"Can't recommend @pikuma's courses enough, Gustavo is so good at teaching maths and algorithms.

Give them a try if you haven't and want to learn some fundamentals of game and graphics programming."
16 Apr 2020
Kora Nonta
"Great tutorial. Easy to understand and follow Do make more courses"
13 Apr 2020
Ian Cherabier
"Ray Casting Made easy!

I never thought getting my hands on ray casting would be so easy and fun!

This is all thanks to the great talent for teaching of Gustavo Pezzi, who is extremely clear and structured in his way of presenting concepts! Can only recommend."
12 Apr 2020
Benjamin Singh
"Awesome course! I took the course just for fun and I actually learned a lot! Now I'm curious learning more about game development and techniques. I'm definitely taking another course from Gustavo!"
31 Mar 2020
Llewelyn Griffiths
"Clearly explained with some great extra tasks. I really enjoyed this course, lots of information but clearly explained. There are also some optional extra tasks to do along the way as "homework" all of which felt challenging but not too overwhelming"
22 Mar 2020
Thijs Van Slooten
"Great lesson's. I was looking to make a 3d game like wolfenstein 3d but could never find a good tutorial/ course. but when i found this i was instandly hooked its ez to understand and follow. and its a lot of fun"
15 Mar 2020
Arnon Marcus
"Excellent course, one of the very best I've gone through. The material is walked through very meticulously and methodically, with lots of great visual aids. Every challenging point is identified and delved into appropriately. Most resommended!"
08 Mar 2020
Joel López
"Clear as water. It's so easy to follow along all the process, and even the trigonometry! Thanks!"
08 Mar 2020
Ryan Zola
"So Fun. This course was exactly what I was looking for! The instructor has a great understanding of the core concepts and explains them very well and at a very good pace. Will definitely be taking more corses by him."
08 Mar 2020
Zakaria El Baghazaoui
"A thanks: thank you for these helpful explanation"
25 Feb 2020
Brian Boucher
"Great course"
22 Feb 2020
Fatimzahra Saghir
"Excellent course , with great explanation!! Thanks!"
15 Feb 2020
Younes Bouddou
Younes Bouddou
"Excellent! Great course and great explanation."
13 Feb 2020
Christian Clark
"Amazing course! I completed this course last summer while I was on a weekend vacation and got interested in Raycasting. This course explained the algorithms and math much better than most of the articles and tutorials I had found before discovering Pikuma. I really like Gustavo's teaching style and methods. By the time I was finished with this class I had a working raycaster and was able to expand and build upon it because I understood how it was working. I will definitely be getting the raycasting in C course now. Thank you so much Gustavo for making courses like these."
31 Jan 2020
Oliver Doyle
"Raycasting Engine Programming with C - a quick review: This is an excellent course for those looking to understand old school raycasting engines and for the price of free you will surprised at the quality of the course material. Gustavo gives clear and repeated explanations of each step and follows each step with detailed source code listings. Presentation throughout is brilliant. I liked this so much I've bought 2 of Gustavo's follow on courses and will look forward to those. A great effort all round."
28 Dec 2019
Murilo Floriani
Game Developer
"Good stuff"
18 Dec 2019
David Martins
David Martins
"Just wow! Without a doubt these are the best lessons I've found about the subjec by far! Gustavo's explanations are crystal clear and he takes the time to make sure you understand everything. I've been struggling with the maths behind raycasting for a while, but after following this course I'm amazed at how simple everything is. I guess I just needed a good teacher. Great job Gustavo, you're amazing!!!"
01 Nov 2019
David Bravo
"So far, so good. I thinks explanations are clear, much clearer than when I studied those subjects long ago. Up until now, everything is well explained and understable."
06 Jul 2019
Igor Donizete
"Very nice. I learned more with two videos of this course, than in my school, nice work!"
03 Jul 2019